We have 2 online purchasing and home delivery options.  Both of these sites can be trusted, and you are still supporting us with your order!  Vets First Choice and ProPlan Vet Direct both have a wide variety of prescription medications and food, including heartworm and flea prevention.  Click on the links to explore, and if you would like to order, we will be notified via email for the script.  Both sites are managed by those companies and are in control of pricing and sales, but we still get partial credit for the sale.  Unlike other popular pet supply websites, the pharmaceutical companies will stand behind the product.  Other online sites commonly sell products and food that are purchased second hand or from overseas, and therefore are not supported by the pharmaceutical companies.

https://www.proplanvetdirect.com/  For all of your Purina Pro Plan OTC and Prescription Diets.  Clinic code is 6VIDW

https://compassionatecarevetclinic.vetsfirstchoice.com/?practice_uuid=de228783-7d8b-439e-a843-5d9ffe5b3676  For a wide variety of prescriptions including heartworm prevention.